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Social media marketing reaches potential and loyal customers on a personal level. People can leave you customer reviews, comments, or like your social media posts about your newest products and services. You receive immediate feedback on your business without your customers leaving their homes.

Social media produces more conversions and creates a brand identity that relates to your audience. It focuses on a more organic approach than paid social media. Organic marketing is slow, but its primary focus is the relationship between you and your customers.

You receive immediate feedback on your business without your customers leaving their homes.

There are a ton of benefits to social media marketing. You need a marketing agency that will build you a brand you’re proud of. They implement the best marketing tactics on the market. 22U2 offers an in-depth social media marketing plan. Each plan we offer is customizable to your needs and wants.

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Omnichannel Marketing

You will always want to reuse content and spread it across your social media. It’s very important that when you use specific avenues that you are consistent with your content. It would be unwise to use your channels for separate purposes when you have content that can combine. You want to provide a seamless experience to your users. Omnichannel marketing is more than reposting what you posted on Instagram to Twitter. You need to analyze how each platform is being used. Your Facebook page may be where your users look for information, while Instagram is more for product display. It’s up to your marketing team to figure out where the clicks are happening on your pages.

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