PPC Campaigns

PPC Ads are a great way to find new customers


“PPC ads” is a shorthand way of saying pay-per-click advertisements. PPC marketing is a type of marketing that pays an ad host engine a fee every time someone clicks their advert. The fee is essentially paying for a spot at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) or in a promoted block of a social media timeline.

The fee is only charged if someone clicks on your advertisement. You bid on specific keywords in relation to your business, then the search engine selects from a pool of adverts.

Get Your PPC Campaigns Up & Running

Why PPC?

It allows your ads to receive more visibility faster and more effectively than if you were to wait for your website to grow organically. Google states that if you’re looking for organic traffic growth, it will take your business a minimum of 4 months to see results. So, while you’re waiting for Google to analyze your pages for organic traffic, you may cut the time and implement PPC to see overnight results.

PPC is almost a shortcut to driving traffic to your website. But remember, PPC marketing is beyond paying money and seeing immediate results. A great PPC ad campaign stems from hours of research. Marketers conduct keyword analysis, create optimized landing pages, and organized targeted ad groups. Businesses are often rewarded for producing a thorough pay-per-click advertising campaign. Google and Microsoft charge less expensive click fees, giving you a higher profit margin. The fee is often paid for itself due to the conversion rate PPC provides. If you pay $1 dollar per click and you make a $50 sale, that is $49 in profit.

PPC is a valuable asset in digital marketing. It contributes to sales quickly and puts your name on the top of your industry. It requires immense knowledge of how search engines function to create an effective strategy. 22u2 has the tools you need to outperform your competitors.

PPC Platforms

No PPC campaign is the same

Each one has different needs and what may help one business, may not help the other. An audit of your website can help us determine what platform we should invest in to receive the most return. Each campaign depends on where your users are and how many will interact with your ad and your budget.