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Direct Mail Marketing

Traditional marketing is not lost. In a world where digital marketing reigns, people still turn to traditional marketing. The USPS has said that mail volume has decreased significantly over the last 20 years. Yet, direct mail marketing has held its own against its digital competitors. In 2019, USPS did a study that showed 62% of people read through the ads instead of discarding them without reading them. The USPS has collected interesting data on how consumers today respond to mail. They found that people actually look forward to ads they receive from companies.

The Success Of Direct Mail

The success of direct mail is mainly due to the physical engagement it gives. There’s positive reinforcement with going to the mailbox. People enjoy receiving discounts or a newsletter from their favorite business. There’s a positive emotional and physical response.

It’s also not as disruptive as digital marketing can be. For example, a one-minute YouTube video may be blocked by a 20-second pre-roll ad. Some of those may be skippable, but that doesn’t lessen the annoyance. Direct Mail is personal, visually unintrusive, and there are no interruptions.

Direct mail offers a wider reach. It reaches people that rarely use social media or online tools to buy or research products. Since there are fewer privacy rules in direct mail, you reach new customers you would have missed.

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Misconceptions about Direct Mail

The difference between direct mail today and direct mail 20 years ago is our access to current technology. Technology changes how we approach our potential customers. Contrary to popular belief, the USPS has found that 88% of millennials actively look through their mail and 73% would be upset if they no longer received mail.

In fact, they’ve found that millennials are significantly more interactive with direct mail than any other generation. They are happy to stray away from digital platforms.

We implement omnichannel marketing tactics to ensure that your customers are always interacting with your business. For example, a direct mail ad can advertise your YouTube channel or a new Facebook event. Technology today allows the physical to interact with the digital.

22U2 merges digital and traditional marketing. We ensure all target audiences are actively engaged with our clients online or in person. We are proactive with our marketing efforts. We analyze varying marketing practices that work best for our clients. 22U2 thinks outside the box of possibilities. We implement our ideas swiftly and effectively to receive the most return on investment.

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