Facebook & Google Marketing

Facebook and Google Marketing

Facebook and Google ads are the platform titans of the digital marketing industry. Facebook as a standalone ad platform had $84 billion dollars in ad revenue in 2020. By the end of 2020, Facebook had an average of 28 billion monthly users and an average ad generation of $9.54 per click. It is no wonder there are 10 million advertisers trying to take advantage of Facebook’s ad platform. Combine that with Google Ads (formerly Adwords) and you have a powerhouse of ad revenue waiting for you.

Google and Facebook marketing creates a well-rounded ad campaign that follows your targeted user around the Internet. This type of ad campaign is what we call omnichannel marketing.


The Facebook Family includes Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. The Google Display Network includes Gmail, YouTube, the Google Search Engine, and any blogs and websites that use Google Ads. This allows you to reach nearly 90% of Google users.

It’s not enough to place ads on Facebook or Google. Though it is a reasonable strategy, it’s not the most effective way of reaching your target audience. If you make Facebook and Google Ads collaborate, you reach beyond the scope of the promoted ad on your Facebook page or on Google’s SERP.  Users see your ad on YouTube, their email bar, or on a random unrelated website. Your ads are fine-tuned to the user’s search.

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The Customer’s Journey: The Ad Funnel

The ad funnel is a helpful visual tool to see where your target user is. The Top of Funnel is bringing awareness to your brand. You’re introducing yourself to potential customers and creating brand awareness.

The Middle of Funnel is a potential lead. They consider your business as the one they want to buy from, but they’re still looking at other options. This is where you want to drive your ads to convert them from a potential buyer to a buyer.

The Bottom of Funnel is where you’ve driven the sale and now you want them to remain loyal to you. You may send them surveys, inform them of events, or give them special sales for being a loyal customer to you.

In most cases, Facebook users are passive. People aren’t scrolling through their Facebook to receive ads. They are scrolling their timeline to see their friends and families’ latest updates. If they see your ad on their timeline, they are more likely to Google search your brand to learn more about your company.
Google users are more proactive. They are actively researching your brand and learning what you could do for them. Your website must be easy to read from the time it loads. Otherwise, you will lose them as quickly as they searched for you.

When you’re creating a marketing campaign, you must consider where the potential buyer is within their journey. Do they know your brand? Have they clicked on your product before? Are they in the research phase?

It’s very common for users to research the product they want to buy before they even consider who they may buy from, even to brands they are loyal to.

This is where Google becomes a useful tool for your business. Google Analytics is a data tool that tells you where they are in the research process. From there, you may design ads that would match their journey. Granted, the funnel is a simplistic explanation of their journey. A reliable digital marketing agency would know what each funnel truly entails

Establish a relationship with your audience

Omnichannel Marketing With Facebook and Google

Omnichannel marketing is customer-centric. It focuses on where the potential buyer may go and places your ad there. This is possible by the power of Facebook and Google. It allows you to remind the consumer of your existence. At this point in marketing, consumers are highly aware of what we have the ability to know. They embrace it. Today, they expect us to know what their favorite colors to wear are or what type of products they would prefer. They want that personalized marketing experience. If they don’t get it from you, they will find it elsewhere.

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